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Welcome to Whatton-in-the-Vale Parish Council web site. Whatton is situated approximately 3 miles east of Bingham and is in the borough of Rushcliffe in the County of Nottingham.
The Parish Council was formed in 1934 when the population exceeded 300, the Parish Council has an establishment of seven councillors.

Second site in Nottinghamshire for exploratory shale gas drilling approved

Nottinghamshire County Council 24th March 2017

Nottinghamshire County Councillors have approved Dart Energy's planning application to drill an exploratory shale gas well on land off the A634 between Barnby Moor and Blyth.

The application was approved at the Planning and Licensing Committee meeting on Tuesday 21 March following a seven hour meeting.

The site is around 1.5km north-west of Barnby Moor and 3km south-east of Blyth and is currently open farm land. No hydraulic fracturing, known as 'fracking' will be carried out as part of the planning permission.

During the Planning and Licensing meeting, County Councillors heard from five organisations who presented their views about the planning application; Blyth Parish Council, Torworth Parish Council, Tinker Lane Community Group, Dart Energy and United Kingdom Onshore Oil and Gas.

County Councillors approved 52 planning conditions to restrict development at the site, including controls covering issues relating to traffic, lighting, noise and ecology.

Following presentations from community representatives, County Councillors agreed to extend proposed HGV restrictions on vehicles from the shale gas site using the main road past Blyth primary school by an additional 30 minutes during school drop off and pick up times. The change means that HGVs from the site will be prevented from driving past the primary school from 7.30 - 9am and from 3 - 4.30pm during weekdays.

County Councillors approved a similar application for exploratory shale gas drilling at Misson Springs in Bassetlaw in November 2016. That approval is now subject to the completion of a separate Section 106 legal agreement which includes:

  • A lorry routeing agreement from the site to the A1 to avoid residential areas
  • A driver code of conduct
  • A financial bond from Dart Energy which would be used to restore the site once works have been completed in the event that Dart Energy are unable to fulfil restoration requirements
  • Retaining the existing community liaison group for the lifespan of the development.

Extensive consultation was undertaken by the County Council, with more than 40 organisations providing feedback over an extended eight week consultation period.

Shale gas development is very tightly regulated in the UK and requires planning permission from the County Council, together with approvals, checks and permits from the Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive and the Oil and Gas Authority. 

Natural resources like coal, oil and gas have been exploited for many years in Nottinghamshire. Figures show that since 1939, 27% of the UKs total number of onshore oil and gas wells have been drilled in Nottinghamshire (UKOOG). 350 onshore oil and gas wells have been drilled in the UK since 2000.

Seventeen sites at Beckingham, Bothamsall and Eakring are producing high quality oil for use in the plastics and chemical industries.

To date, Nottinghamshire County Council has received no planning applications for hydraulic fracturing in the county.

For further information about shale gas development, including the role of other regulatory bodies and the issues the County Council can take into account when determining the application, go to www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/shalegas






Parking Ticket Scam

Nick Allen (Rushcliffe) 10th February 2017

Please be aware?


ICT would like to make all Members aware of a Parking Ticket Email Scam.  


Fraudsters are sending out emails purporting to be from a legitimate company called UK Parking Control LTD (UKPC) that claim you have a parking ticket. The convincing looking emails have titles such as 'Parking Charge Reminder' and claim you have parked on private land belonging to one of UKPC's clients. The emails contain randomly generated reference numbers and quote a charge of 90 pounds
The bottom of the email asks victims to click on 'payment options and photos' for more information.

Clicking on this link will result in the download of a file which contains malware! The malware is configured to capture confidential banking information such as PINS and passwords, together with payment authorisation codes.

If you receive one of these emails, delete it and do not download any files or attachments.



Here to help


If you have any concerns that your computer may have been compromised by one of these emails, please contact the ICT Service Desk immediately on 0115 914 8333

Nick Allen

ICT Service Support Manager


ICT Services

Rushcliffe Borough Council

Rushcliffe Arena

Rugby Road

West Bridgford



Tel: 0115 914 8333



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