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Welcome to Whatton-in-the-Vale Parish Council web site. Whatton is situated approximately 3 miles east of Bingham and is in the borough of Rushcliffe in the County of Nottingham.
The Parish Council was formed in 1934 when the population exceeded 300, the Parish Council has an establishment of seven councillors.

Annual Parish Meeting

GR Redford 25th May 2016
The 124th Annual Parish Meeting took place at the Jubilee Hall, Church Street, Whatton-in-the-Vale on Tuesday 24th May 2016.
The Chairman of the Parish Council chaired the meeting and after welcoming residents presented the Annual review of the Parish Councils activities during 2015/2016.
The Parish Council's Responsible Financial Officer then presented a summmary of the Parish Council's financial position. He confirmed that the Internal Auditor had reviewed the accounts and had approved them without comment.
Residents raised a number of issues of concern:
Verge by Post Box and Bus Stop (Ivy Row)
A resident raised the issue of 'paving' the verge by the post box and bus stopping point by the Village Green. The Chairman explained that Nottinghamshire County Council had adopted the project and were awaiting funding. He went on to say that if funding became a problem the Parish Council would discuss whether it was possible for it to fund (in part or whole) the project.
Broadband Coverage
The question as to when 'fibre' would be available in those parts of the parish that currently do not receive it. The Chairman confirmed that the prevision of fibre was part of 'Contract 2' of the 'Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire' project and that fibre was scheduled to be installed by September 2016.
Mobile Coverage
In response to a question from a resident, the Chairman informed the meeting that the Parish Council had undertaken a review of mobile coverage in the parish. Whilst there were some 'blank spots', notably, the North end of Main Street, Church Street and Burton Lane, additionally the portion of Conery Lane / Conery Gardens also showed poor coverage. With the exception of those areas the parish coverage for 3G reception was rated as 'good'. It was however dependent on the service provider and quality of the mobile phone. The parish council had looked at the availibility of 'booster services' but there was nothing suitable available.
The Chairman informed the meeting that the parish council would keep the issue under review.
Dog Fouling
A resident thanked the Parish Council for it's initiative in repsct of Dog Fouling, in particular, on the Old Road (between Whatton Bridge and Conery Lane). The Chairman informed the meeting that the Parish Council had resolved to provide 'Poo bags' and a dispenser to be located at Whatton Bridge as a trial. He also requested that residents report instances of Dog Fouling to Rushcliffe Borough Council.
Grantham Road / A52 junction.
Concern was again expressed at the potential danger of this junction. Various suggestion were made to attempt to make the junction safer:
Extending the 'lighted' area to and beyond this junction.
Extending the speed cameras to cover this junction.
Creating a traffic island or secure 'crossing point' (as at New Lane).
The Parish Council would discuss the issue and again raise it with the Highways Agency.
The issue about the wrong milage information on the sign at the junction was again raised. The meeting was informed that the Parish Council continues to make representations to the Highways Agency, but it is not high on their list of priorities. It was unlikely to be addressed until they were undertaking work in that area. Nonetheless the Parish Council would continue to address the issue with them.
Conery Lane (east verge)
The issue of maintaining the verge on the east of Conery Lane was raised. The meeting was informed that the area was part of the Parish Council's cutting schedule and the Clerk was asked to contact our Contractor to ensure that the work was carried out.
The unkempt nature of the hedge and trees on the verge was also raised. The Clerk would contact the Local Highways Agency to determine who is responsible for the maintenance.
Orston Lane Bridge
Concern was expressed about overweight (over 3 ton) farm vehicles using the bridge as it is already showing signs of stress. The Chairman reported that the Parish Council were in almost constant touch with the rights of way team at Nottinghamshire County Council about a number of issues relating to the Orston Lane bridlepath including the bridge. The Parish Council would continue to attempt to resolve all the issues relating to Orston Lane.
Following the meeting the Chairman thanked residents for attending and for the issues raised.
(The Chairmans reveiw and the Financial Review will be made available for download in due course)


Election of Chairman

25th May 2016

Councillor Gregg Redford was re-elected Chairman, to serve until May 2017. Councillor Chris Grocock was elected as Vice-Chairman for the same period.

Committee Appointments.

Councillors Grocock, Evans and Redford were appointed to the (Joint with Aslockton Parish Council) Trustee Committee (Whatton and Aslockton Playing Field Trust).

Appointments to outside bodies

Councillors, Grocock and Redford were appointed to the Playing Field Committee as representatives of Whatton-in-the-Vale Parish Council.

The above elections and appointments were made at the Annual Statutory Parish Council Meeting at which the Annual Accounts were also approved and adopted.


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Cricket - WACC 1st XI v Burton Joyce Saturday 28th May 2016 1 pm
Cricket - WACC 2nd XI v Nottinghamshire Deaf Saturday 4th June 2016 1 pm
Cricket - WACC 1st XI v Fiskerton Sunday 12th June 2016 1 pm
Cricket - WACC 2nd XI v Belvoir Saturday 18th June 2016 1 pm
Cricket - Pykett Plate Semi-final - to be confirmed Tuesday 21st June 2016 1 pm
Cricket - Singleton Trophy - to be confirmed Thursday 23rd June 2016 1 pm
Cricket - WACC 1st XI v Ruddington Saturday 25th June 2016 1 pm
Armed Forces Day Saturday 25th June 2016 0
Parish Council Meeting Tuesday 28th June 2016 19:30 pm


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