Improvements to the Whatton to Aslockton Footpath.
Gregg Redford 19th March 2019

Following representations from Whatton-in-the-Vale and Aslockton Parish Councils and local residents, Nottinghamshire County Council are to undertake remedial maintenance work on the Whatton to Aslockton public right of way.

The path which includes three seperate public rights of way Whatton FP 20, Aslockton FP 6 and Aslockton FP 11 will need to be closed for a short period whilst the work is undertaken.

The works which are scheduled to start on the 1st April 2019, will include cutting back hedges and undergrowth to clear the full width of the footpath additional stone on the Aslockton portion to alleviate standing water and additional flag-stones on the Whatton (FP 20) lengh of the footpath to fill in holes.

Whilst there will be a slight inconvinience during the maintenance as the footpath will be to be closed, it wll be a 'price well worth paying' for a much improved and negoiatable footpath.

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Whatton-in-the-Vale Parish Council