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Website activity during the pandemic.

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In February 2020 we announced a new look website, at that time we envisaged the new site going ‘live’ in August of this year. With the advent of the Coronavirus we accelerated the publishing of the site to the 12th March so that we could keep residents as fully informed as possible.

We are pleased to report that visitors to the site have increased substantially, over the past thirty days we have had 1,899 unique (new visitors), with nearly 12,000 page views. 

Since we started monitoring the impact of the Cornavirus on March 12th 2020 we have ‘posted’ in excess of sixty pieces of News, Advice and Information published by HM Government, Public Health England, the National Health Service and other official sources. We publish the information without comment or sensational headlines and usually well before the established media.

We thank residents for using our website and would encourage visitors to promote the site through whatever means are possible.

It has always been our aim to keep our residents as informed as possible with accurate information about the Coronavirus.


New Website for the Parish Council

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Welcome to our new look website.

Our original website was designed back in 2007 and implemented in 2008. At that time most websites were accessed from Desktop or Laptop computers where plenty of ‘screen real-estate’ was available and growing. Today, websites are accessed increasingly from Tablets or ‘smart’ phones. The original site does not scale well to these smaller screens and is difficult to navigate and read. Additionally, recent regulations in respect accessibility of Public Sector websites, our current website does not comply with those regulations and we must be compliant by September 2020.

The new website has been designed and implemented using the WordPress framework and is responsive to the different screen sizes and formats it will be viewed on and to be compliant with the latest regulations and standards.

The Parish Council takes the view that transparency of it’s decisions and operations is of paramount importance and the information provided on this website and the sister Newsletter exceeds that required by Central Governments ‘Transparency’ regulations.

We urge residents to visit the website as often as possible to keep fully informed about the Parish Councils activities.

This website is currently ‘work in progress’ it is intended that it will be published and available by August 2020.

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