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Blackberry Hill Right of Way (Whatton FP1) – Closure extended

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The closure of the Blackberry Hill right of way access via the footbridge over the Whipling has been extended to October 30th 2020.

Originally scheduled for the footbridge to be replaced or rebuilt by April 30th, the wet weather followed by the CORVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected the ability of VIA East Midlands to effect repairs. Hopefully they will be able to remedy the situation soon than October, but there are no guarantees.

Whatton to Aslockton Footpath Closure.

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The footpath between Whatton and Aslockton will be closed from Wednesday 29th April 2020 for five days.

The closure is necessary to replace the clapping post by the bridge as it has reached the end of it’s useful life. Every attempt will me made to complete the job within five days.

In order to maintain the safety of those making the repairs and yourselves please do not attempt to use the footpath during the closure period.

Walking in the Countryside

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Cllr. Tina Combellack (of Rushcliffe Borough Council), in the current addition of Rushcliffe’s Councillors’ Connection has signposted the following advice to residents taking walks in the countryside.

She said:

“We are fortunate some of us are able to take our daily exercise in lovely countryside but please pass on these useful comments made by a local resident.”

Gates on footpaths

Please remember these are hard surfaces on which the virus can sit and wait for you.

It’s suggested to wear or use something disposable to open any gate latch, a small stick then discard it as far from reach as possible, so no-one else then re-uses it, but do try to protect hands from gate latches and bars, as you will then inevitably touch your face almost immediately afterwards.

Do wash your hands well once you get home regardless.

Sound advice in my view, enjoy your walk on our rights of way network but please stay safe.

Blackberry Hill Right of Way (Whatton FP 1)

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As users of the Blackberry Hill Right of Way (Whatton FP 1) are aware the bridge over the Whipling has been ‘out’ since October 2019. This has effectively closed this Right of  Way and it will remained closed until the 30th April 2020.

The Rights of Way team are aware of the issue and placed a contract for a substantially improved replacement. However, the recent wet weather has meant that no groundwork could be undertaken until the water table has decreased to an acceptable level.

A watching brief is being maintained and work will start as soon as it is safe to do so.



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