Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan – Growth Options Consultation

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Rushcliife Borough Council has announced that it, along with Broxtowe and Gedling Borough and Nottingham City Councils is preparing the ‘GREATER NOTTINGHAM STRATEGIC PLAN’. They said that the Plan will:

help guide future development, including new housing, across our combined areas to 2038. The Strategic Plan will, when completed, replace the 2014 Rushcliffe Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy.

They went on to say:

We have published the Growth Options consultation document, which is the first stage of preparing the Strategic Plan. The consultation ends on Monday 14 September 2020. The consultation asks a number of questions relating to housing development, employment development, the Green Belt, climate change and carbon neutrality, city and town centres, the natural environment, urban design, the historic environment, safe and healthy communities and infrastructure provision.

The Growth Options document does not include draft policies at this stage or identify how much or where future development will take place. These will come later when a draft Strategic Plan is published next year. This consultation does, however, identify a number of ‘broad areas’ and more specific sites which potentially could be locations for new development in the future. This may include locations within or close to your parish.

Once the consultation has closed, all comments received will be considered as part of preparing the Strategic Plan. A draft of the Strategic Plan will be published next year when there will be a further opportunity to comment.

More information on the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan, including viewing the Growth Options document and how to comment, can be found on the Greater Nottingham Planning Partnership website:

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