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The following has been forwarded to us by our Clerk in his daily Virus updates.

During these unprecedented times home security may be the least of our concerns – indeed crime rates are currently reduced – but often complacency leads to vulnerabilitie say Notts police.

As we enter the 8th week of the government lockdown and are enjoying warmer weather many of us are taking to the garden. It’s important to remain alert! Whilst in the garden make sure the door at the opposite side of the house is locked,

  • keep side and back gates locked and
  • always put away gardening equipment at the end of the day.
  • Ensure valuable items such as bikes and power tools are kept in a secure, locked garage or shed.

When you go out for your daily exercise, if the home is then unoccupied,

  • check all doors are locked and windows closed,
  • if you have a home alarm this should be activated.

While not at home check all motor vehicle doors are locked and items removed from view, where possible remove all valuables from the vehicle.

Remember if you have a keyless entry system fitted to your vehicle the key fob, it should be kept as far away as possible from doors and windows and stored in a signal blocking pouch or metal tin.   Stay safe, stay secure.  https://www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/document/advice-home

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